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    IZT Application Notes

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  • IZT R3000

    IZT R3000

    Digital Wideband Receiver

    The IZT R3000 is a professional digital HF, VHF and UHF receiver. Its world-class RF performance and state-of-the art digital signal processing make it the ideal sensor for direction finders, signal recording and COMINT systems.

  • IZT R3200

    IZT R3200

    Digital Wideband Receiver

    The IZT R3200 offers the same performance as the IZT R3000 for applications requiring reduced mechanical depth due to its 2 RU, 19 inch design.

  • IZT R3301

    IZT R3301

    Portable Monitoring Receiver and RF Recorder

    The IZT R3301 is a portable receiver with an integrated server for data recording. The receiver is optimized for recording of RF signals in frequently changing environments. The RF characteristics of the IZT R3301 are identical to the IZT R3000 series.

  • IZT R3410 / IZT R3411

    IZT R3410 / IZT R3411

    Compact Wideband Receiver

    The compact variant of the sucessfull R3000 series combines a limited weight of under 7 kg with a fanless design suited for harsh environments while maintaining the excellent HF performance and a real-time bandwidth of 24 MHz.

  • IZT R3500

    IZT R3500

    Ultimate Sensor for Intercepting HF Signals

    The IZT R3500 HF receiver offers a highly linear, flexible pre-selector with electronically configurable start and stop frequencies for the most challenging interception of High Frequency (HF) signals. Especially when large and sensitive antenna systems are used, the management of the RF energy reaching the AD converter by means of an analogue pre-selector is essential.

  • IZT R3600

    IZT R3600

    Multichannel Receiver System

    Up to five individual receivers combined in one compact chassis. Ideal for high-performance direction finding in mobile and fixed installations.

  • IZT R4000

    IZT R4000

    Next Generation Digital Wideband Receivers

    The IZT R4000 represents our third generation of high-performance digital receivers. It supports multiple simultaneous users on multiple channels and has the ability to store and analyze the huge amounts of data that come with this increased instantaneous bandwidth in a typical operating environment.

  • IZT R4000-DF2

    IZT R4000-DF2

    Dual Channel Digital Wideband Receiver

    The IZT R4000-DF2 is a dual channel digital wideband receiver covering the frequency range up to 6 GHz with 120 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

  • IZT R5000

    IZT R5000

    Digital Wideband Receiver

    The IZT R5000 supports up to 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth with the excellent RF performance the legacy receivers from IZT are known for.

  • IZT R5506

    IZT R5506

    Remote Direction Finding Sensor

    The IZT R5506 is a high-performance, multichannel receiver designed for outdoor installation in antenna array systems.