IZT RF Surveillance System

Versatile Radio Monitoring Solution

The IZT RF Surveillance System is a powerful, modern system for massive parallel intercept, recording, acquisition, classification and content production of signals in the radio spectrum. It is suitable for terrestrial and satellite signals and supports different decoder packages.

  • Automated HF/VHF/UHF surveillance
  • Channel utilization analysis
  • Supports all IZT receivers
  • Continuous buffering and recording
  • Signal acquisition and classification
  • Content production
  • Post-processing

The sytem is scalable in terms of instantaneous bandwidth and number of simultaneous decoding and analysis channels. Large buffers allow for long-term storage and seamless online and offline processing for optimum utilization of the available decoder resources.

The IZT RF Surveillance System can be enhanced with a direction finder component for locating emissions and separation of co-channel signals.

Functionality of the IZT RF Surveillance System
Classification results in the IZT ModRec module
Long-term recording with spectrogram and spectrum view
Segmentation Result



IZT RF Surveillance System Application Note


IZT R3000 FamiliyIZT R4000IZT R5010