IZT S1000 Multi-channel Signal Generator

Signal Generators

IZT Signal Generators are used to test radio systems, receivers, production lines, chips, MRC and MIMO. GNSS Simulation is also a relevant field in signal generation.

More about IZT Signal Generators

Further applications of the IZT Signal Generators are the modulation of various signals, SDR developments, playing of I/Q files, channel simulations, XM Sirius, SXM and XMTA2.

If the IZT Signal Generators are extended by an IZT Receiver, recorded signals can be replayed by a IZT RecPlay setup. This is essential, for tests in laboratories to simulate environmental signals in the laboratory.

IZT is characterized by customer specific solutions and enables integration into complex test environments, closed loop simulations as well as cost and time savings through the use of many virtual signal generators.

The compact form, a continuous development and easy software upgrade options keep our signal generators up to date and new standards can be easily implemented.

Our support team of experts in a variety of fields of expertise will be pleased to handle your questions by email or phone, and bringing your employees up to date with in-house training with the device of your choice.


IZT Products


The IZT S1000 GNSS Realtime Simulator is a compact multi-channel high-performance platform for complex and versatile GNSS testing in one device. The GNSS signal modulation is performed by the IZT S1000 GNSS firmware in real-time with extremely low latency.


IZT S1000 and IZT S1010 (model with extended memory) are multi-channel signal generators for the testing of I/Q data, Sirius, XM, HD Radio, AM, FM, DAB/+, DVB-T and DRM/+ radio receivers in the car industry, multimedia equipment, COMINT/SIGINT systems or for the RF environment simulation and operator training.


The IZT COMINT Simulator is ideal to test complex COMINT & DF Systems and to train operators.This system provides the possibility to test high-resolution stationary and mobile Direction-Finding receivers to determine their accuracy and whether they can correctly detect and interpret all types of radio signals.

  • Simulating time variant, complex and realistic RF signal
  • Store and replay artificial and real world signals
  • Covering the bandwidth of 20 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Flexible and scalable system

The IZT S5000 can be efficiently applied when ever multiple and accurately synchronized RF test signals are required. If multi-standard receivers are to be tested, the IZT S5000 is a very cost efficient way to generate all required test signals for environment simulation from a single source.


The IZT T1000 can be used to modulate broadcast signals, for example to test receivers during development or in production testing. The broadcast modulator is a good choice for stand-alone operation in fixed or smaller test setups.


The IZT S2000 is a versatile high-performance signal source for developers and manufacturers of multimedia receivers. It supports Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio, DVB-T/H and other standards.

  • Real-time signal generation
  • Powerful impairment simulation
  • Simultaneous generation of two different standards
  • Up to four RF outputs
  • Full remote control capabilities
  • Powerful Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The IZT S800E is a cost efficient test signal source for the two SDARS systems Sirius and XM. Its functionality is specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturers of tuner modules and application software development.

  • Generates Sirius or XM Radio signals
  • Real-time signal generation
  • Satellite and terrestrial signal
  • RF output in S-band
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Labview driver available as option
  • Remote control via SCPI-like commands

Product News


S1000 & S1010 – Remote Control

The IZT enables the remote controllability of the IZT S1000 & S1010 signal generators. Some of our key customers are already using this Corona-friendly solution.