IZT C6000 for synchronous bi-directional satellite Links built-in Rack with Laptop

Channel Emulators

Since 2006 IZT develops Channel Emulators to simulate the transmission from ground station to the receivers for satellite and terrestrial applications. Initially starting with the IZT DCS3020 for a DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS bi-directional link and 34MHz of bandwidth IZT has enhanced its products to 100MHz of instantaneous bandwidth in the IZT C3040 and even 600MHz in the IZT C6000.

More about IZT Channel Emulators

Features as Doppler effect (delay and frequency changes over time), ionosphere and interference simulation in the uplink, MUX filtering, phase noise simulation and non linearities in the payload or multipath fading and thermal noise generation in the downlink can all be simulated within the equipment.

IZT’s Channel Emulators combine exceptional RF performance with modern digital signal processing. Customers using the equipment have confirmed that measurement results in the laboratory could be reproduced over the transmission link once the satellites had been launched to space.

IZT Satellite Channel Emulators was for example used in the following projects:

  • Adaptive Coding and Modulation Modem for Broadband Communications
  • EGNOS NLES G2 RF Payload Simulator
  • DVB-S2X
  • Earth observation and Broadband communication


IZT Products


IZT satellite channel simulators provide a costeffective and time-saving method of simulating complete bidirectional satellite transmission links without the actual satellites being available.

  • Comprehensive modelling of the satellite channel
  • Complex operating scenarios for testing transceivers, terminals and satellites
  • Hand-off simulation for complex satellite constellations
  • Frequency range up to 3 GHz with a bandwidth of 250 MHz

IZT GmbH set up a test platform for »Mobile Communication Systems« for Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the largest European research organization for application-oriented research, as part of the »Facility for Over the Air Research and Testing« (FORTE) test facility.


The channel simulator IZT C3040 is the successor of the IZT DCS3020. It offers a higher instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz, more flexibility in terms of RF modules and an enhanced feature set.


The Satellite Link Emulator provides a cost effective and time-saving solution for testing the complete bi-directional transmission path.The state of the art graphic user interface allows to change all parameters of the setup easily.

  • Bi-directional wideband solutions for up to 600 MHz
  • Reproducible and complex scenarios
  • Real time change of parameter
  • Flexible and scalable Architecture
  • State of the art GUI
  • Long term support

The Channel Simulator IZT DCS3020 has been specially designed for simulation of bidirectional satellite links. The large processing power of the IZT DCS3020 also supports fading models applicable to terrestrial wireless links.

  • slow fading simulation for handheld applications
  • file streaming for repeatable testing
  • accurate and realistic carrier-to-noise and level profiles
  • optional second module

The IZT C3080 is a wideband digital channel simulator especially suited for simulating transmissions over satellites. Modern communication systems adapt not only higher frequencies but also wider bandwidths, therefore the IZT C3080 was designed to simulate a bandwidth of up to 680 MHz.

  • 680 MHz of instantenous bandwidth
  • Flatness of less than ±0.5dB
  • Group delay less than ±1ns
  • IMUX / OMUX Filtering
  • Non linearity simulation (AM/AM and AM/PM)
  • Phase noise simulation
  • Thermal noise (AWGN)

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