IZT to show latest wideband satellite channel emulators

IZT C6000 for synchronous bi-directional satellite Links built-in Rack with Laptop

at Paris Space Week 2015

Erlangen, Germany – January 26, 2015 – IZT, a technology leader in innovative high-performance products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals, will showcase its latest wideband satellite channel emulators at Paris Space Week from February 4th to 5th, 2015. Paris Space Week, located at Paris-Orly Airport in France, is Europe’s premier global B2B space event dedicated to launch vehicles, satellites and space-related technologies.

Today’s satellite link emulators need to respond to the shift to wider bandwidth, allowing engineers to test the ground segment and terminals of the latest satellite communication systems affordably, accurately and reliably. IZT is stepping up to this challenge by creating cost-effective products that can quickly deliver accurate and realistic results, and help reduce development times and implementation risk for new satellite networks and optimize their throughput once they are in operation.

Cost-effective simulation of complex operational scenarios

IZT’s satellite channel emulators allow the cost-effective testing of equipment such as receivers, modems, transmitters, and satellite phones before system implementation. IZT’s satellite channel emulators feature true Doppler emulation, accurate time synchronous profiles, a multitude of configurable interference sources and a flexible and comprehensive satellite payload emulation. Complex operational scenarios can be simulated, to test for their effects on the transmission, the satellite or the end user devices. Later, when the satellite is in operation, any effects or problems experienced can be reproduced with the emulator and analysed in the lab.

Satellite link emulator IZT C6000

The IZT C6000 is a cost effective and time-saving solution for testing the complete bi-directional transmission path with up to ten groups of terminals operating under different propagation conditions. It provides a bi-directional bandwidth of up to 600 MHz and is configurable with respect to the number of links supported.

Wideband digital channel simulator IZT C3040

The IZT C3040 offers an instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz for high bandwidth applications. Customers can create realistic complex and reproducible scenarios to test flight and ground systems such as LEO, GEO, and MEO satellites, UAVs, modems, transmitters and receivers, as well as telemetry tracking and ranging verification and even terrestrial microwave links.

At Paris Space Week, IZT experts will be available at the company’s booth to discuss how the latest satellite channel emulators address specific satellite test challenges.