IZT R5509 Air Traffic Control Radio Direction Finder

Direction Finders

IZT’s range of geolocation systems covers correlative and high-resolution direction finders (DF) as well as emitter location based on time difference of arrival (TDOA). Based on the latest generation of IZT receivers thousands of emitters can be analyzed in parallel.

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From portable- and semi-portable direction finders over systems optimized for air traffic control to large HF direction finding installations, we can provide not only RDF sensors but also complete RDF Solutions.


IZT Products


The mobile sensor IZT R5506 samples signals synchronously from all antenna elements in a specific frequency band eliminating the need for additional RF switches. This feature secures short detection times and simultaneous monitoring of one or more channels with arbitrary center frequencies and bandwidths.


The IZT R5509 is a highly accurate and reliable radio direction finding (DF) system that is designed for high resolution VHF direction estimation. The DF system is intended to support the work of Air Traffic Control (ATC) operators by localizing and identifying the transmitting aircraft.

  • Accurate VHF Radio Direction Finder
  • Simultaneous processing of more than 35 channels
  • Frequency range 20 MHz to 520 MHz
  • Robust design: up to wind speeds of 200 km/h under icing conditions
  • Perfect for applications in air traffic control (ATC)

The IZT R3600 offers up to five channels with 24 MHz instantaneous bandwidth each and covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz or even 6 GHz. The innovative multichannel receiver system enables users to combine direction finding and monitoring by using free channels as individual monitoring channels.

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