IZT R5509 radio direction finder RDF Sensor

IZT R5509

VHF Radio Direction Finder

The IZT R5509 is a highly accurate and reliable radio direction finding (DF) system that is designed for high resolution VHF direction estimation. The DF system is intended to support the work of Air Traffic Control (ATC) operators by localizing and identifying the transmitting aircraft.

  • Accurate VHF Radio Direction Finder
  • Simultaneous processing of more than 35 channels
  • Frequency range 20 MHz to 520 MHz
  • Robust design: up to wind speeds of 200 km/h under icing conditions
  • Perfect for applications in air traffic control (ATC)

The IZT R5509 is the ideal solution for ATC direction finding to improve situational awareness and reduce the risk of misunderstandings in radio transmissions.

The IZT R5509 DF technology avoids misreading of the aircraft’s call-sign. This improves the situational awareness of the ATC operators and increases the safety level. That in turn, allows to handle more flights per operator for costefficient control of the airspace.

The novel DF system IZT R5509 features 10 coherent receive channels and is equipped with a 9-element antenna array to realize accurate and robust direction estimation. The utilized DF antenna with 9 elements provides superior immunity to multipath propagation. An optional center antenna element may be used for even increased spatial resolution. Beyond outstanding radio frequency (RF) characteristics, the antenna is equipped with lightning protection and is verified to withstand wind speeds of 200 km/h even under icing conditions.

IZT R5509 radio direction finder RDF Sensor



IZT R5509 VHF Radio Direction Finder