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Oliver Rommelfanger IZT Productmanager Satellite Channel Emulators
Oliver Rommelfanger
Product Manager
IZT Channel Emulators
Holger Schlegel Productmanager Receivers
Holger Schlegel
Product Manager
IZT Receivers
Horst Heringklee IZT Productmanager Signal Generators
Horst Heringklee
Product Manager
IZT Signal Generators
Stefan Heindel IZT Productmanager RecPlay
Stefan Heindel
Product Manager
IZT Record & Playback
Horst Heringklee IZT Productmanager Signal Generators
Horst Heringklee
Product Manager
IZT Digital Broadcasting


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Return of Merchandise Instructions

Please always request a RMA number using our online RMA-Form before returning goods to IZT.

Fill out one form for each product that is to be returned. Indicate the serial number of the defective device and of the defective part. Your RMA number will be sent to you by email within two working days.




Goods out of warranty

We will send you a cost estimation / quotation after checking your goods. The repair will be triggered after we received your order. You will receive our acceptance of order containing the delivery date. Please indicate our quotation number on your purchase order.

Please return all products either in the original packaging or packaging with equal level of protection. Please place the RMA number on the box and the goods.

Goods that reach IZT without a valid RMA number will be returned at sender’s expense.


Taking back old appliances

IZT GmbH is a manufacturer of electrical appliances that are used commercially or in public institutions (so-called b2b appliances). We are registered with the Foundation EAR (Elektro-Altgeräte-Register), as we sell electrical appliances in Germany and the European Union, among other countries. We assume product responsibility and offer our customers take-back and disposal for old appliances.

Please refer to the take-back concept for all important information.