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Additional information according to “Gesetz über rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen für den elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr” (EGG) and “§ 6 Teledienstgesetz (TDG)”:

VAT ID according to § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE812298242

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You will find all information about our general terms and conditions for supply and development agreements in our IZT Terms and Conditions.


Amtsgericht Fürth, HRB 6716

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Rainer Perthold


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PGP key policy:

On request we offer GPG keys to our customers. You can check the authenticity of this keys with the IZT signature key which has the following Fingerprint:

21D7 45EF 2E41 CBCC 930A 2CD1 444C 71C6 CDB2 B092


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