IZT R3600 Multichannel Receiver System front

IZT R3600

Multichannel Receiver System

The IZT R3600 offers up to five channels with 24 MHz instantaneous bandwidth each and covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz or even 6 GHz. The innovative multichannel receiver system enables users to combine direction finding and monitoring by using free channels as individual monitoring channels.

The IZT R3600 is ideal for both fixed and mobile applications and can easily be synchronized with an external GPS reference. The scalable multichannel receiver system reduces the number of external devices and minimizes overall system costs. The modular concept makes the device extremely easy to maintain. The compact design in one 19-inch, 8U chassis facilitates easy transport and set-up. With the IZT R3600, IZT meets the requirements of a multitude of applications such as ITU-R spectrum monitoring measurements, real-time signal analysis, spectrum allocation analysis, automatic signal detection, search, intercept and direction finding, strategic and tactical reconnaissance.

The IZT R3600 provides integrated frequency and clock conditioning. An internal calibration unit reduces downtime to a minimum. Providing a high stability reference, the IZT R3600 performs high-precision direction finding and can take bearings of all signals in a wide frequency range of up to 6 GHz. It allows to analyze and demodulate modern digital wideband signals as well as to track or intercept frequency agile systems over a wide range of bandwidths.

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IZT R3600 Multichannel Receiver System front
IZT R3600 Multichannel Receiver System back



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