IZT S800E Signal Source for Sirius and XM

IZT S800E (discontinued)

Signal Source

The IZT S800E is a cost efficient test signal source for the two SDARS systems Sirius and XM. Its functionality is specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturers of tuner modules and application software development.

  • Generates Sirius or XM Radio signals
  • Real-time signal generation
  • Satellite and terrestrial signal
  • RF output in S-band
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Labview driver available as option
  • Remote control via SCPI-like commands

The IZT S800E is discontinued. Have a look at the successor product here: IZT S1000 / IZT S1010.

IZT S800E Signal Source for Sirius and XM



IZT S800E Signal Source Sirius and XMIZT Product Overview