R5060 Monitoring Receiver

IZT R5060

Monitoring Receiver

IZT R5060 is latest IZT’s generation monitoring receiver in a compact form factor. It has a precise frequency range from 9 kHz up to 6 GHz and an instantaneous bandwidth of 60 MHz.
The IZT R5060 is a medium performance monitoring wideband receiver:
It is designed for cost-efficient applications that require large bandwidths and low power consumption. For example, it is suitable for the detection of unauthorized transmissions or it can build a compact, high-channel-count receiver system.

  • Frequency range 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Bandwidth up to 60 MHz
  • Two seperate sub-bands (2 DDCs)
  • Integrated GNSS module
  • Compact form factor
  • RF Monitoring & Wideband I/Q recording
  • Low power consumption

The IZT R5060 stands out with its good RF performance at a moderate power consumption and real-time bandwidth. The compact design and moderate price do not prevent it from working as a stand alone device even without an additional server.
It’s low power consumption while maintaining excellent quality of reception makes it a practical and unique monitoring receiver. Combined with a Sensor Controller and the IZT Signal Suite GUI connected via 10 Gigabit Ethernet the IZT R5060 extends the range of inter-compatible IZT receivers.


High Reception Quality


The IZT R5060 uses a power-reduced variant of IZT’s latest generation of tuners. The frequency range is from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. The lower end of the frequency range is digitized directly, while higher frequencies are passed through sub-octave preselectors and a dual frequency conversion tuner with a variable 1st IF for maximum robustness against false reception. A low-noise preamplifier can be activated for maximum sensitivity.
The instantaneous bandwidth of this Monitoring Receiver is 60 MHz. Built-in test equipment allows for end-to-end verification. The receiver can be operated in manual or automatic gain control mode.


High Frequency Stability


The IZT R5060 is available with different frequency stability options:

  • TCXO (default)
  • OCXO

All internal clocks are derived from a single reference oscillator, the built-in high-stability oscillator, which itself can be sychronized to an external source, the built-in GNSS receiver module or slaved to another IZT R5060 receiver via PTP. Once the LAN connection is removed, their internal reference oscillators will maintain highest frequency accuracy to ensure minimum drift of the time bases between multiple receivers.


R5060 Monitoring Receiver



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