IZT R5020

HF Receiver

The IZT R5020 is a broadband receiverwith a patented preselector filter bank. It is designed to digitize the complete HF band from 50 kHz to 30MHz with an exceptional dynamic range. It can be used with the IZT Signal Suite software or with 3rd party software through an SDK.

  • Highest signal quality up to 30MHz
  • Ultimate linearity at full HF coverage
  • Passive input channelizer for best IP2/IP3
  • Twelve AD converters
  • Data streams merged or 12 single streams

Key components of the IZT R5020 are a multichannel digitizer from IZT’s R5000 receiver series and a very high-performance, analog channelizer with overlapping bandpass filters.

IZT’s patented design outperforms conventional receivers by using a passive, low-loss channelizing filter with 12 overlapping frequency bands in front of any active electronics. Each output channel has a dedicated AD converter preceded by an electronic attenuator and subsequent low noise high linearity amplifier. Automatic gain control is performed independently for each channel. The receiver is still sensitive enough to be operated without a preamplifier.

The IZT R5020 design overcomes typical limitations of legacy receivers: Especially when large receive antenna systems are used, the input power into the receiver can be very high. In consequence, limiting the receiver bandwidth by preselection filters becomes essential. The biggest concern are second order intermodulation products which require preselection filters with less than one octave relative bandwidth.



Product Information - R5020 HF Receiver