IZT R5020

IZT R5020

HF Receiver

The IZT R5020 is a broadband receiver with a patented preselector filter bank. It is designed to digitize the complete HF band from 9 kHz to 30 MHz. It can be used with the IZT Signal Suite software or with 3rd party software through an SDK.

  • Highest signal quality in the frequency range up to 30 MHz
  • Ultimate linearity and full HF-band coverage at the same time
  • Passive input channelizer minimizes second order intermodulation
  • Twelve AD Converters

Key components of the IZT R5020 are a multichannel digitizer from IZT’s R5000 receiver series and a very high-performance, analog channelizer with overlapping bandpass filters.

IZT’s patented design outperforms conventional receivers by using a passive, low-loss channelizing filter with 12 overlapping frequency bands in front of any active electronics. Each output channel has a dedicated AD converter preceded by an electronic attenuator and subsequent low noise high linearity amplifier. Automatic gain control is performed independently for each channel.



Data Sheet R5020 HF Receiver