R3000 – GNU Radio Module

GNURadio module

IZT R3000 module now available for the GNU Radio framework


Erlangen, 2021-11-24: With the IZT R3000 GNU Radio module it is now possible to operate the IZT R3000 receiver family within the GNU Radio framework.


GNU Radio is a free & open-source software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios.

IZT implemented a GNU Radio module that brings the IZT R3000 receiver functionality into the GNU Radio ecosystem. It is available for Linux operating systems as of now. The IZT GNU Radio implementation is comprised of three blocks used for configuring (IZT R3000 Config block) the receiver and receiving both complex baseband (IZT R3000 CBB block) and power spectrum density data (IZT R3000 PSD block) from the receiver.

With this toolset it is possible to quickly verify signals as well as realize complex processing chains using the wide range of GNU Radio capabilities. The scope of the IZT GNU Radio blocks comprises:

  • Processing up to 24 MS real-time bandwidth
  • Support CBB and PSD streams
  • Support simultaneous streams
  • Configuration during runtime via message passing interface


  • Metadata display:
    • Receiver and channel frequency
    • Receiver and channel bandwidth
    • AGC modes & MGC attenuation


Processing of PSD @ CH1 & CBB @ CH2 to 4
Processing of PSD @ CH1 & CBB @ CH2 to 4



RX-Controller, DDC Configuration & IZT R3000 GNURadio receiver block
RX-Controller, DDC Configuration & IZT R3000 GNURadio receiver block


The IZT R3000 family is particularly suitable for signal search and analysis, spectrum monitoring in line with ITU recommendations and communication intelligence. It allows to analyze and demodulate modern digital wideband signals as well as to track or intercept frequency agile systems over a wide range of bandwidths. Beside to the IZT GNU Radio module we offer further applications and solutions for the IZT Receiver family like the IZT R3240.


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