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IZT C6000

The Satellite Link Emulator provides a cost effective and time-saving solution for testing the complete bi-directional transmission path.

Its highly optimized and scalable signal processing unit offers real time simulation of influences on the signal at the satellite (non linearity, IMUX- OMUX filter, phase noise, interference, antenna gain, Doppler shift) as well as on the transmission link (ionosphere influence, interference, rain fading, scintillation, thermal noise).

The state of the art graphic user interface allows to change all parameters of the setup easily.

IZT R4000

Next Generation Digital Wideband Receivers

RF Signal Generator

Complex Digital Signal Generator

IZT R3410

Compact Broadband Receiver

IZT RecPlay

RF recording and replay system

IZT DAB Content Server

Digital Radio Multiplexer System

DAB ContentServer Rack