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The IZT S1010 Signal Generator is the ideal solution for the most demanding applications which require extensive data streaming in a compact unit. Different to the IZT S1000 signal generator where the streaming capabilities are available with an external Memory Extension, the streaming functionality is included in the IZT S1010. Due to the very fast SSDs, it is possible to stream many VSGs (Virtual Signal Generators) parallel. Adding RF and software options allows configuring the IZT S1010 to the specific needs.


IZT S1000 signal generator enables tests of DVB-T2 receivers

IZT Signal Suite GNSS

Application Note: GNSS Monitoring and Interference Recording

IZT Signal Suite LYNX

Anti-Surveillance System LYNX

GNSS Support

IZT cooperation with TeleOrbit

Over-the-Air (OTA) Communication Test System

New approach to test GNSS receiver

IZT R4000

Application Note: Broadband, Multichannel RF Signal Acquisition

IZT RecPlay

RF recording and replay system