IZT R3301

Portable Monitoring Receiver and RF Recorder

IZT R3301

 The IZT R3301 is a portable receiver with an integrated server for data recording. The receiver is optimized for recording of RF signals in frequently changing environments.

The IZT R3301 is the preferred means for recording RF signals in the field. It uses IZT’s renowned IZT R3000 digital receiver integrated into a portable RF recorder. Four Terabytes of storage space can record up to 20.5 MHz bandwidth over eleven hours with 16 Bit resolution. Multiple narrow band channels can be recorded as well. The equipment is shielded for minimum RF emissions and optimized for operation onboard a vehicle.

Should it be necessary to capture signals for collect emitter location information as part of DF systems, multiple IZT R3301 can be fully phase synchronized or synchronized via GPS timestamps (TDOA method).

Key features

  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • TDO location finding
  • Broadcast & mobile communications analysis
  • Wideband Record & Replay system IZT RecPlay
  • Diversity & multi-frequency setup

IZT R3301 is part of IZT RecPlay.