New DAB+ networks with IZT multiplexers

Solutions for DAB head-ends from IZT support installation of new DAB+ networks

New regional DAB+ networks expand the digital radio offering in Germany. IZT delivers the required multiplex systems. The latest extension is the “DAB+ network Allgäu”, which went into operation in November.

With the “DAB+ network Allgäu” on channel 8D, the latest extension of the German digital radio offer went into operation in November. The operator of the network is Bayern Digital Radio GmbH. IZT and Bayern Digital Radio are partners since 2012 and look back on a large number of successful joint projects.

“IZT is our trusted partner for service- and ensemble multiplexers. Between 2012 and 2018 IZT has provided us with a total of 16 multiplexers”, says Alexander Jahn, head of operations at Bayern Digital Radio. A large number of them are used as ensemble multiplexers. Others are operated as service multiplexer to insert private radio programs into the DAB ensembles which are operated by the public service broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

Established in the market

Many renowned broadcasting authorities and DAB network operators use the IZT ContentServer. Since 2014, one of them is the Norwegian broadcaster NRK with a national network consisting of seven regional DAB ensembles. In Germany, the IZT DAB ContentServer enables the operation of the national DAB+ multiplex as well as a number of regional and state-wide DAB networks.

Additional to the systems in Bavaria, two further regional multiplexes in Germany were equipped by IZT in this year. “Our DAB and DRM ContentServers have established themselves in the national and international markets”, says Arne Borsum, product manager for digital broadcasting at IZT. “We use sophisticated technologies and enable thus maximum reliability”.

The IZT DAB ContentServer is a professional encoder- and multiplexer system for the infrastructure of digital broadcast transmitter networks. The system generates a multiplex signal of audio signals as well as additional data services for DAB. “With its various functions, its flexibility and not at least its reliability the ContentServer is unique in the market”, says Borsum.

Sophisticated Technology

IZT’s DAB head-end solution is based on the ContentServer technology of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS). It enables integrated encoding of all audio sources as well as processing of standard and user specific data services. Sophisticated redundancy concepts enable outstanding reliability.

Two IZT DAB ContentServer built in rack
The IZT DAB ContentServer is a professional and reliable system for the infrastructure of digital radio networks.

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