Signal Generators

  • IZT Application Notes

    IZT Application Notes

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  • IZT S1000 & IZT S1010

    IZT S1000 & IZT S1010

    Multi-Channel Signal Generator for I/Q data, Sirius, XM, HD Radio, AM, FM, DAB/+, DVB-T and DRM/+

    The IZT S1000 Complex Digital Signal Generator is the perfect source of today's RF waveforms with increasing complexity and bandwidth.

    One Unit – 31 Signal Generators.

  • IZT T1000

    IZT T1000

    Compact Broadcast Modulator

    The IZT T1000 is a compact and price-efficient modulator platform. It supports real-time modulation for the broadcast standards DAB and DVB-T/DVB-T2. The IZT T1000 allows stand-alone operation and can be configured and controlled via a user-friendly web interface.

  • IZT S2000 (discontinued)

    IZT S2000 (discontinued)

    Signal Generator for Sirius, XM, DVB-T/H

    The IZT S2000 is a versatile high-performance signal source for developers and manufacturers of multimedia receivers. It supports Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio, DVB-T/H and other standards.

  • IZT S800E (discontinued)

    IZT S800E (discontinued)

    Signal Source for Sirius and XM

    The IZT S800E is a cost efficient test signal source for the two SDARS systems Sirius and XM. Its functionality is specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturers of tuner modules and application software development.

  • IZT S5000

    IZT S5000

    Multichannel Signal Source for Real-Time RF Environment Simulation

    The IZT S5000 simulates a realistic radio frequency spectrum with many simultaneous signals, large bandwidth, time variant test scenarios and real content.

  • COMINT Simulator

    COMINT Simulator

    Real-Time RF Environment Simulation System

    The IZT COMINT Simulator is ideal to test complex COMINT & DF Systems and to train operators.