IZT introduces Wideband Digital Channel Simulator IZT C3040

IZT C3040 Satellite Link Emulator

IZT Labs Introduces Wideband Digital Channel Simulator for Satellite and Aircraft RF Link Testing

Accurate, complex and reproducible simulation of uplink, payload and downlink enables extremely realistic scenarios without availability of the actual satellite

Erlangen, Germany – December 10, 2013 – IZT, a technology leader in innovative high-performance products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals, today announced a new wideband digital channel simulator for satellite or unmanned armed vehicle (UAV) data links. The IZT C3040 provides a cost effective, time-saving solution with exceptional functionality. Accurate, complex and reproducible simulation of uplink, payload and downlink let system engineers create extremely realistic scenarios for testing their product in a laboratory environment.

“Our new channel simulator IZT C3040 provides customers with a flexible tool to optimize all system design parameters and to test the effects of uplink, payload and downlink on the signal without having the satellite itself available,” explains Rainer Perthold, CEO of IZT Labs.

The IZT C3040 offers an instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz for high bandwidth applications. Customers can create realistic complex and reproducible scenarios to test flight and ground systems such as LEO, GEO, and MEO satellites, UAVs, modems, transmitters and receivers as well as telemetry tracking and ranging verification.

The IZT C3040 can simulate uplink, payload and downlink effects on the signal such as delay and delay change over time, Doppler shift, interference by other signals, multiplexer filtering, phase noise, large and small scale fading, and thermal noise. Users can simulate the time-dispersive effect of the ionosphere both on uplink and downlink transmissions and easily alter the conditions of the ionosphere while the simulation is running. For complex set-ups such as GNSS simulation, multiple IZT C3040 devices are accurately synchronized.

Rather than pre-set input and output levels, the IZT C3040 allows to individually set the input and output frequencies between a range of 40MHz to 3GHz, at the input level up to 6,6GHz or 18GHz.

IZT’s channel simulator features exceptional signal quality, a large dynamic range and supports an accurate phase noise simulation with up to 10MHz bandwidth. Using sophisticated FPGA implementation, the IZT MUX filters can simulate filter effects of the satellite with the high precision that mission-critical applications require.

The IZT C3040 wideband channel simulator is available now. IZT provides on-site product demonstrations upon request.