IZT R3500

Ultimate Sensor for Intercepting HF Signals

IZT R3500

The IZT R3500 HF receiver offers a highly linear, flexible pre-selector with electronically configurable start and stop frequencies for the most challenging interception of High Frequency (HF) signals. Especially when large and sensitive antenna systems are used, the management of the RF energy reaching the AD converter by means of an analogue pre-selector is essential.

The IZT R3500’s unique sub-octave pre-selector allows the user to freely cascade one out of 12 highpass filters with one out of 13 lowpass filters resulting in a total of 91 individual preselection filters. Modern automatic signal classifiers can simultaneously analyse several megahertz of spectrum. Therefore, the IZT R3500 is ideally-suited for automated HF monitoring systems.

The Ethernet-based signal distribution of the IZT R3500 can eliminate costly multicoupler structures of analog interfaces between the antenna and a variable number of receivers. It digitizes large parts of the HF spectrum in a very high efficient way and distributes the signals lossless and completely independent within the digital domain.

The IZT R3500 supports up to four subchannels as IQ, complex FFT or PSD data over Ethernet. The sub-channels can be placed anywhere within 9 kHz and 40 MHz. Signal processing, data format and control interface are fully compatible with the IZT R3000 receiver series.

In combination with the IZT Signal Suite, the R3500 can provide more than one hundred narrowband channels with one receiver.