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    Facility for Over the Air Research and Testing - Test platform for a German research institute

    IZT GmbH set up a test platform for »Mobile Communication Systems« for Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the largest European research organization for application-oriented research, as part of the »Facility for Over the Air Research and Testing« (FORTE) test facility.

  • IZT Modulator

    IZT Modulator

    with signal proving and management unit for remote control enables autonomous long term operation

    IZT Modulator is designed for advanced signal processing. The unit performs different kinds of encoding, modulation, demodulation in one signal chain and allows to manipulate the outgoing signal with variable delay, different data or error correction.



    Communication System for InterCityExpress

    This communication system provides the transfer of over 20 S0/Up0 channels via coaxial cabel. The QPSK transfer rate in range below 100 MHz is about 10 Msymbols/sec.

  • IZT Firebox

    IZT Firebox

    Safety system for trains

    The IZT Firebox is designed for long distance passenger rail services. In case of disturbances or disruptions in the train's internal communication system, the IZT Firebox separates all affected lines from the bus system and ensures full functionality of the remaining system.

  • IZT UIC-2D-Converter

    IZT UIC-2D-Converter

    Converter for bus systems of next generation high-speed trains

    When coupling a Velaro D with an ICE3, the UIC-2D-Converter 237540 converts telephony and announcements of the Velaro D UIC-bus to the ICE3 two-wire-bus (2D) and enables continuous communication without interruption.