GNSS Signal Generator Streaming Extension

IZT S1000 Multi-channel Signal Generator


Real-time streaming capabilities extend the GNSS signal generator


Erlangen, 2020-08-13: Together with OHB, IZT is developing a GNSS signal generator with real-time streaming functions. A real-time interface between the S1000 / S1010 RF simulator as hardware platform and the GIPSIE® (GNSS Constellation & Signal Generation) software will be implemented.

IZT is already working successfully with OHB Digital Solutions GmbH, which is specialized in developing GNSS-based solutions and combining navigation, telecommunications and information technologies. Their GIPSIE® software (GNSS Constellation & Signal Generation) has been integrated into IZT’s S1000 / S1010 RF simulator to generate signal files according to customer requirements (e.g. eCall tests) and to store and play them back in the S1000 / S1010. This solution offers an enormous flexibility regarding the fidelity of GNSS signals and the generation of scenarios. Nevertheless, there is potential for optimisation with regard to real-time and streaming functions, which is evident from the international customer feedback.

Real-time control of the simulation environment allows the user to change the parameters of the simulation scenario (e.g. switching satellites on/off, changing the simulated receiver trajectory or changing the environmental conditions) in real time, which has an almost immediate effect on the receiver under test.

The innovation of the GSGSE solution is the real-time RF signal generation by keeping the flexibility of a software-based simulation environment and the real-time control capabilities.