• IZT R3301

    IZT R3301

    Portable Monitoring Receiver and RF Recorder

    The IZT R3301 is a portable receiver with an integrated server for data recording. The receiver is optimized for recording of RF signals in frequently changing environments. The RF characteristics of the IZT R3301 are identical to the IZT R3000 series.

  • IZT R4000

    IZT R4000

    Next Generation Digital Wideband Receivers

    The IZT R4000 represents our third generation of high-performance digital receivers. It supports multiple simultaneous users on multiple channels and has the ability to store and analyze the huge amounts of data that come with this increased instantaneous bandwidth in a typical operating environment.

Record & Playback

  • IZT RecPlay

    IZT RecPlay

    RF Recording and Replay System

    IZT RecPlay is a full featured RF recording and replay system using well established and reliable IZT components.


    The system is able to receive, record and replay up to 20 MHz bandwidth in a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz .

Digital Broadcasting

  • IZT MultimediaPlayer

    IZT MultimediaPlayer

    DAB/DRM Monitoring Software

    The IZT DAB/DRM MultimediaPlayer software can directly decode audio and data content of the digital radio standards DAB/DAB+ and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM30/DRM+).