IZT DAB Archive

EDI/ETI Monitoring and Logging System

IZT DAB Archive

Recording and Analysis

The DAB Recorder handles recording, analysis and archiving of a DAB multiplex and is usually located at the operator's DAB head-end. It records the EDI or ETI stream that is delivered to the transmitter network into its internal storage and makes the recordings available for remote requests from the Library Server.

The DAB Recorder decodes the DAB multiplex in real-time and analyses the multiplex and its components. Index information about the DAB ensemble is transferred to the Library Server.


The system monitors the input signals for several parameters including the ensemble configuration and subchannel structure. It is possible to check the labels, data types, bitrates and signaling. The audio programs are checked with regard to noise/silence.

The Library Server permanently monitors the library structure. Further, it logs and indexes the drop-outs and warnings detected by the DAB Recorder. Users can be alerted about failures via SNMP (optional), E-Mail or SMS.

User interface

The web interface of the Library Server provides access to all monitoring data and the archived EDI/ETI streams. The user can request downloading the archived content of a specific time and duration. It is possible to export the complete stream, specific subchannels or the audio content of a subchannel. The GUI also provides a filter to search for specific events such as ensemble reconfigurations.


The following extensions are available optionally: