IZT UIC-2D-Converter

Converter for bus systems of next generation high-speed trains

IZT UIC-2D-Converter

The UIC-2D-Converter 237540 was developed for the German ultra high-speed train Velaro D and the ICE3 platform (UIC = Union Internationale de Chemins de fer - International Union of Railways). When coupling a Velaro D with an ICE3, the UIC-2D-Converter 237540 converts telephony and announcements of the Velaro D UIC-bus to the ICE3 two-wire-bus (2D). The UIC-2D-Converter 237540 converts low frequency signals and signal voltages and enables continuous communication without interruption. The converter’s interfaces are galvanically isolated.

IZT built the UIC-2D-Converter for Siemens.

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